A collection of unsolicited affirmations. 

My experience at The Yoga Institute with Lex and Farida was absolutely amazing. The teacher certification program was engaging, extremely informative, and allowed me to take my yoga practice much deeper. I'm extremely grateful for this experience.

-Brett Welch

Incredible depth of teachers of the history, philosophy, and importance of yoga as a practice in your day-to-day life. Lex and Farida are both knowledgeable and encouraging while being rigorous about the practice.

-Divya Brown

The best place to get your teacher trainer. This is more than just about the practice of yoga and I'm thankful I found this place, Lex and Farida are possibly the best teachers I've come across. The studio is calming and the bookshop has some great books.
-Benu Atri

Lex Gillan is a gem. He is one of the best yoga teachers I have learned from. I loved the focus on all aspects of yoga and not just the asanas. We also learned how to structure classes and workshops, The training was supplemented with reading and reference materials that have served me well for years. Thank you Lex and The Yoga Institute!

-Kylie Arias 

The Yoga Institute and Lex Gillan are amazing! Our classes were taught with passion, wisdom, and a wealth of knowledge. Lex provides a vision for the future with such a rich connection to the past. I would recommend anyone looking to become a yoga teacher to check out The Yoga Institute. You will not be disappointed. -Brian Bowen

Uncle Lex has a lot to teach you. Go! -Harleen

Lex and The Yoga Institute gave me great insight into both the practice and business side of teaching yoga. I got many opportunities to practice teach  as well as indescribably valuable real-world information that makes me feel ready to enter the yoga world. Lex is tough but he has a very kind heart and his passion for yoga and teaching others is apparent in is work. I am endlessly grateful for the opportunity to learn from him and to grow my practice and teaching style. -Kat Henry

Lex Gillan is a bright shining superstar in yoga education. -Magnus Eklund

Lex is an amazing instructor. His experience throughout his life makes this training authentic. -Brooke Booker

I left the certification training feeling empowered, knowledgeable, and excited about my future as a yoga instructor. Thank you Lex for the amazing experience! -Amber Jackson-Bogan

Lex Gillan is one of the originals. He was Ram Dass' yoga teacher and is the real deal.His certification training encompasses everything from postures to opening and running a studio. Indispensable information! -Kimberly Brooke

Lex Gillan is a great instructor and so knowledgeable. He'll also provide ongoing support afterwards. This is one of the best programs around. -Purple Fortitude Yoga

Uncle Lex is the BEST! I loved all of my training with him and am looking forward to doing more. -Kenyetta Brasher

Training with Lex is a unique experience. He allows each student to become who they are and does not insist everyone to teach in only his style. He really gives us our wings to fly. -Yvonne Saunders

The Yoga Institute was exactly the certification I was looking for.Lex Gillan is an incredible teacher and not only taught me how to be a good yoga teacher, i.e. human to human connection, but also taught me a lot about the business of yoga. I recommend The Yoga Institute to anyone looking for their first certification or looking to deepen their understanding and practice of yoga. -Becky Herschel

Lex Gillan is a hidden gem! With a lineage going back to Swami Vivekananda and heart to see young yogis come into a world of unlimited possibilities, I recommend Lex Gillan for your certification course. Lex gives you a crash course on the history, lineages, and realities of teaching, managing, and running a successful yoga practice and business. Thank you Lex! -Dave Brooke

Lex Gillan is fantastic and very well educated. It was long and hard hours but I hold this school very high in meeting expectations all the way around. Highly recommended. -Paige Griffin

Outstanding and superior education. -Amber Stanley

This training was comprehensive, easy to apply and flexible to students' needs. Not only did I learn a lot but I also developed further confidence in the skills I already had. The training provided me with every that I need to start teaching, including lesson plans, meditations, contacts for potential jobs, philosophical background, legal guidance and commitment to future support (at no charge!). This was a great session for people with multiple commitments and hard schedules to squeeze more into. -Layla Becker

 I am so happy with my training at The Yoga Institute with Lex Gillan. He is a walking textbook when it comes to yoga and it seems in his 45 years of teaching yoga and training teachers he has seen it all. I felt very prepared to teach at the completion of his course. -Donna McAllister

Superior quality teaching and course. I could not have asked for more. -Jennifer Uherek

Lex Gillan is extremely knowledgeable and very passionate about yoga. He empowers his students to teach yoga confidently. I really appreciated his lectures on the Business of Yoga where he shared his experience of owning a chain of yoga schools and explain every aspect of owning your own yoga studio. -Sonal Desai

Two palms together to The Yoga Institute and Lex and all the fine teachers. I especially enjoyed the dharma talks with Lex, Ed Gabrielsen and Ram Dass. -Gail Pickens-Barger

Sending blessings and gratitude to Lex Gillan and The Yoga Institute. I am humbled and honored to be a student of his and I continue to expand and grow through my practice and teaching. -Nadia Carbajal

Lex is very knowledgeable and shares his deep roots and purpose of yoga. He is well vested in tradition and is open and honest about all aspects of practice. He encourages individual practice and ongoing learning. -Noel Olsen

Lex gillan is amazing! He not only helps prepare you for all different routes after the training, he also continues to mentor you for as long as you like. I highly recommend the course. -Stephanie McLin

Dear Lex, I will be forever grateful to you for creating an atmosphere of support and compassion where I could push through my fear of public speaking and teaching. Your knowledge and experience are priceless and your sharing it is truly a gift. -Lisa Manuele

Lex Gillan is beyond awesome! His knowledge of yoga postures and technique, the history of yoga and yoga business practices is astonishing. He is the "Godfather of Yoga" and anyone wanting to learn the business and how to teach correctly needs to know Lex and The Yoga Institute. -Ashley Horace

The Yoga Institute and Lex Gillan are a legend in yoga. -Diane Dickson

Lex, Thank you for the opportunity to study under you at The Yoga Institute. I greatly appreciate the wealth of knowledge you shared with all of us. My practice and instruction have dramatically changed for the better as a result. I feel fortunate to have studied with such a well respected teacher and will always remember you. -Dana Blue

Lex Gillan empowers his students in the certification course to teach confidently, consciously and genuinely. Lex manifests a wealth of knowledge and wisdom from his decades of experience as a teacher and yoga practitioner. He models dedication and authenticity. I highly recommend this training. -Camille Mica

Lex Gillan is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of yoga. I selected his training based on his 43 years of teaching experience. -Alex Kurtzman

Lex Gillan is an amazing human. He is such a passionate and dedicated meditation and yoga instructor. He has so much to offer the yoga community. Thank you Lex for all you do. -Henry Richardson

Lex Gillan is an amazing and insightful teacher. The depth of yoga experience and learning I had at The Yoga Institute will benefit my teaching skills immensely and benefit my progress as a yoga teacher. All aspects of yoga were taught.  Blessings to all, Preet Sangha

Dear Lex, Wow! This has been an incredible and unforgettable experience. I have found myself in awe again and again as I experience the evolution and growth of each person individually and of our group collectively. I came not knowing what to expect and I am leaving with a new perspective, a new confidence and a new sense of hope and excitement. You have encouraged us to open and transform and to nurture and believe in the innate wisdom and teaching ability within each of us. Thank you for sharing your passion and experience with us and for inspiring our growth. -Camille Mica

My yoga teacher training was led by Lex Gillan at The Yoga Institute. This training has remained pivotal in my life as a yoga instructor and wife. Lex stressed the need for clear, concise, exact cues, precise angles, distances and concrete directions. He helped me recognize the importance of cues people "get" and understand vs floaty/yoga/obscure cues that leave students wondering what you're talking about while distracting from their poses. He also promoted the deeper spiritual side of yoga and seeing beyond the fitness of the asanas and the commercialism of yoga gear. I appreciated his approach that yoga can be performed anywhere, in any outfit and any frame of mind. Lex also went over the Business of Yoga in which he detailed for us how we should approach our own yoga business in order to succeed. This was highly beneficial for someone who was clueless on how to get started or why going into business for yourself may or may not be a good idea. The Yoga Institute and Lex are my go to recommendation for friends interested in Yoga Teacher Training and National Certification. - Rebecca Dalton

I highly recommend this training. Lex Gillan is one of the most experienced yoga instructors in the United States. His teaching comes from years of dedicated yoga practice - both physically and spiritually. I am very happy to be one of his students. - Hiroko Nguyen

Amazing knowledge and skill shared by Lex Gillan. -Laiya Kelly

The Yoga Teacher Training and National Certification at The Yoga Institute in Houston was an amazing experience. Lex Gillan did an excellent job preparing us for all aspects of teaching.He is a true gem. I would hands-down recommend this program to anyone interested. -Carrie Peace

Lex Gillan is a very thorough teacher and his program is very robust. Each student received one-on-one action. Lex went through the philosophy as well as practical teaching techniques and also how to start a yoga business. It had all the components I was looking for and I was equipped to start teaching right away. I highly recommend this program. -Giesel Arnold

Lex Gillan provided a very comprehensive and thorough course that helped me better understand the deeper meaning of yoga and how to share this with fellow human beings. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to take their knowledge of yoga to a higher level and to learn how to teach. -Tasha Palenik

I thoroughly enjoyed this training. Lex Gillan has a wealth of knowledge about yoga, pranayama, meditation and teaching methodology. I am so grateful to study and learn from on of the most experienced yoga teachers in Texas. -Farida Morsi

Amazing training program. Lex Gillan really know his stuff and is passionate about his students learning as much as they can. He is always available to talk and is a great resource for further learning. - Ryan Cash

I am truly grateful for my experience at The Yoga Institute. Lex Gillan is an amazing person and teacher. I learned so much and mad life-long friends. This is such a wonderful training program. 

-Ameera Henry

Lex Gillan helped me build confidence in myself as a yoga instructor to stand, speak and instruct a large group of experienced  yogis. I am grateful for his encouragement. -Barbara Randalls

I strongly recommend this teacher training. Lex Gillan is an incredible teacher; he is a man of much knowledge and wisdom. I was grateful for his style of teaching, specifically how he encouraged all of the students to step out of their comfort zone, which ended up being so rewarding. After earning this certification I feel very prepared to teach. -Jessica Nichols

Lex Gillan has drilled this down to what we need to know to go out into the world  and find our own style. I love that individualism was encouraged and not squashed into a set idea of what a yoga teacher should be. You will always know that you can reach out for guidance and support from Lex. It is amazing how many great yoga instructors I meet that started out with Lex Gillan. Thank you The Yoga Institute for showing me that yoga can be my future any way I choose! -Yvonne Saunders

Lex Gillan is a very patient yoga teacher. I enjoyed learning so much in a short amount of time - from business ethics to asanas to meditation and more. Kathy Nguyen

Great experience with great people.Very complete training. Lex Gillan is an excellent teacher and mentor. -Melissa Arro

I absolutely loved every moment of the training. It was a life changing experience full of knowledge and I hope others have the same feeling when they do it. -Inga Seals

Lex, I want to take a moment and thank you for the fantastic experience during the Yoga Teacher Certification program. It was such an honor meeting you and learning from you. I look forward to "spreading the love" with my students. My practice has grown exponentially  and I know I still have a lifetime of learning. I will never forget you and all the wisdom you shared. Thank you! Many Blessings - Brandi Peterson

Lex, Thank you for your time,for your valuable knowledge, your thoroughness and most of all for your patience. I am grateful. Shanti, Beth Kuzola

Dear Lex, On the first day of the training you promised us one thing: we would leave with confidence; and I have gained that in many ways. Thank you for an engrossing and often entertaining offering of yourself. I hung on to every word you spoke the entire course. - Jamie McLain

I could not have selected a better program to become a certified yoga instructor .Lex Gillan has a unique gift of teaching the art of yoga while being entertaining yet efficient. I feel I have a solid foundation to build upon in the years ahead on my journey to becoming a knowledgeable teacher. - Sheila Umatiya

I loved Lex's teaching style and very pragmatic approach to yoga. The classes were great and I appreciated the focus on TEACHING. And I made friends I will keep for a lifetime! - Deondra Selph

Lex Gillan runs one of the oldest yoga businesses in the country. Most excellent and authentic yoga teachers around. No young ladies teaching you how to do inversions. Chanting as well as lectures on the REAL history of yoga taught by REAL college professors. LOTS of meditation which is the end goal of asana practice. Lex trained extensively with Baba Ram Dass in the 70s/80s and I had the privilege of meeting Ram Dass via Skype  at one of Lex's Advance Yoga trainings. I highly recommend. - Veronica Armstrong

This is the right training program. This is the right time. Do it now. - Michelle Maneevese, M.D.

Lex Gillan is an excellent teacher and I can highly recommend this program to yogis who have been practicing awhile. -Mary Louise Harvey

I came into the certification course just wondering about yoga. I wanted to actually learn yoga vs sitting in a class not knowing what I was doing. Lex is an amazing teacher and I found blessed I was taught by the best. I recommend this program to anyone. Such a wonderful experience. -Michael Mano

Dear Lex, I want to thank you for the opportunity to be blessed by your knowledge and wisdom. The experience was so incredible and life changing! You are an awesome human being and I am blessed to have met you.Your wise words have truly enlightened me. Thank you. -Alisha Armstead

I was very impressed with the broad scope of study and the clear and thorough instruction of yoga poses and transitions and the need to be centered in order to teach with a compassionate heart. I especially enjoyed the skill and depth of guided meditations. Lex Gillan provides a strong foundation to support teaching with confidence. - Leslie Fish

I had a very positive experience learning how to teach yoga from Lex Gillan at The Yoga Institute. I was taught how to study the body, the movement of each pose, the relationship with the students and the business aspect of owning a yoga studio. The classes are full encompassing. Plus the experience and wisdom of Lex is inspiring and motivated me to continue on my yoga journey through teaching others. - Meredith Veillon

It was great. Lex Gillan is fabulous. -Vida Sprott

Lex, it has been a gift to get to work with you, know you and learn from you these past few months. I look forward to the time ahead. And I am grateful and honored to have participated in the teacher certification course; I heard and felt the true spirit. Amen. -Susana McCollom

Dear Lex, I wanted to drop you a thank you note for all the wisdom, compassion, patience and smiles you shared with me and all the other yogis this month. It was truly an honor to get to meet you and have the chance to earn my teaching certification from a master. Wishing you every good thing. Much love, Mary Vance

The depth and pace of The Yoga Institute 200 Hour National Certification far surpassed my expectations. Mr. Gillan is a 44 year yoga veteran who cares deeply for his students' professional well being. I highly recommend the program. Even seasoned yoga students will broaden their understanding of yoga and the business of yoga. -Amy Borel

Lex, I want you to know that your yoga teacher certification course really meant a lot to me. It was probably the toughest thing and deepest thing I have ever done in my life. And I want to thank you for that. I'm always praising your training and sending nothing but the best your way. - Hope Maxwell

Dear Lex, Thank you for your light of knowledge on how to be an effective yoga teacher. I truly appreciate your insights and direction. I feel strong to own my own style with confidence; you have validated me. And thank you for making yourself available to em for further guidance. I enjoyed the intensive and I will remain committed to advance my education and teach yoga with integrity. -Jhanice

Lex, thank you for teaching me yoga. And for the work you have done in your life that assists me in doing mine. I appreciate your knowledge, your experience and the willingness and humor and humility with which you generously share it. --Peace, Leslie Scates

Lex, Thank you for a wonderful and enlightening experience. Both physically and mentally I left your teacher certification feeling more aware than I imagined would ever be possible for my personal practice. This awareness is something I will carry forward into teaching yoga and also into other parts of my life. What you do and how you do it is very special. Wishing you purpose and fulfillment as you continue to teach, spread and build knowledge. --Alex Nana-Sinkam

Lex, Kalynn and I feel very fortunate to have met you. You are a fabulous mentor and we are in debt to you. -Patricia and Kalynn Evans

The Yoga Institute certification is an amazing experience. Lex is extremely well versed not only on how to teach a complete practice but also on the business of yoga. He is an absolutely truthful, warm personality who gives beautifully of his time and self to all students. Thank you to The Yoga Institute and wonderful being. -Jasmine Khanini

It was one of the best decisions of my life to attend the Yoga Teacher Training and National Certification Course at The Yoga Institute. Lex Gillan is so knowledgeable about yoga and the business of yoga. He sincerely wants his graduates to start teaching. -Rachel Nguyen

This class was exactly what I was looking for! To be taught by someone with such a rich and successful history combined with decades of real experience and able to teach not only the "arms and legs" of yoga but carried me into the heart and spirit of yoga as well. What a privilege and a great foundation to begin my journey! -Niki Nira .

Lex Gillan is one of the founding fathers of yoga and yoga teacher training in the United States, and we are lucky to have him in Houston. -Carl Salazar 

Excerpts from the recently released (2014) book, God is about to Do! by Steve Kasmiersky

It was a lovely September morning as I drove to my training. The cooler air and lower humidity hinted the autumn was in the making in this part of Texas. I was on my way to attend a yoga teachers training at the Margaret Austin retreat center near Brenham, Texas. This area has been famously proclaimed "the land of contented cows" in a Blue Bell ice cream commercial.

The leader of the training was Lex Gillan, who has the oldest yoga school in the United States, The Yoga Institute. I had taken lessons from Lex in the 1970s. Lex is well respected in the yoga community and has a wonderful retreat center in New Mexico. This was a ten day retreat where I was up at 4:00 a.m. to find an empty shower, and then drinking tea at five to prepare for five-thirty meditation.

The classes were well structured with all aspects of training and running a yoga-based business. Some days were grueling, and we sat of the solid wood floor for hours at a time. We all blossomed in the intensity as we knew this was a battle of mind over body. Many times I thought I could sit no longer or not do another "downward dog."

I looked forward to the early-morning meditation. Taking our coffee or tea in silence prepared our minds and mood for this daily event. The candlelit Zendo provided a surreal background for going within as Lex guided us to glimpses of inner peace. The reality of the outside world was nowhere to be found as we confronted ourselves in the quietness that only predawn moments can bring. Sometimes we would end with chants in which our voices in unison were lifted in prayer.

We finished our last evening with skits, making fun or ourselves, yoga, and Lex. The next morning brought graduation and the closing ceremonies. We did line dances with constantly changing partners as we looked into each other's eyes and acknowledged the common light of love within. We all took turns saying something to Lex while getting our certificates. One of the students started calling him Lexy, which brought unanimous approval and copious laughter. When I went up to get my certificate, I said a few words and then Lexy and I hugged. As I tried to pull away, Lexy pulled me back cheek-to-cheek. I turned beet red as everyone roared with laughter at Lex's joke on me. That was preciously the point: While yoga can be healing, serious, and profound, it is, after all, only yoga. It taught me to take myself less seriously and make time to smell the magnolia blossoms.

I sent Lex the following overview of the retreat, and he sent back a note with a set of Tingsha bells.

Reflection on Yoga Teachers Certification Boot Camp:

Not knowing what to expect, seeing Lex again after twenty-five years, rolling hills, sycamore, live oak, pine, and pecan trees, green grass, bamboo-leafed path, horse barn, hippie house with slanted walls, resident cats Fluffy and Blue, coyotes, hoot owls, scorpions, windy, rainy, sunny, cold, warm days and nights, living with thirty-seven and only four bathrooms, two-by-four bunk beds with four-inch saggy mattresses, thirty-two beautiful women in balance with five handsome men, waking up at 4:00 a.m. to take a shower, in Zendo by 5:00 a.m. for meditation, Ooooooooommmmmmm, uneven wood floor, sitting, sitting, and more sitting, sore backs, morning coffee and tea, observance of silence, people from all over our planet, vegetarian meals, master cooks Page and Charles, homemade bread from scratch, holding hands to bless our food, left hand up, right hand down, waiting to wash dishes, Zendo eight hundred square feet and mat to mat, no shoes allowed, the gong, constant wind, sunrise in the Zendo, the Texas stars big and bright, wildflowers, long walks, fog hovering over the tree line, the smell of flowering Wax leaf, massage and Reiki, downward dog à la Jennifer, prayer flags, the lighted path, crossing over the bridge, late-night cramming, rites of passage, going blank, ding a ling, the "talent" show, songs in Sanskrit, tears, tears, and more tears, the group hug, Lexy and Raquel hugging, closing ceremony, Lex and me cheek to cheek, the final dances of love and respect, the goodbyes, getting into the car, driving down he road toward home with tears in my eyes, yes, we are family.

Love and blessings to all, Steve

Steve --The greatest note ever written about a teacher training class. I will read it to every incoming class. Many thanks. Treasure yourself. --Lexy

Thank you Lex for all of the love and teachings you have shared with me throughout the years. I appreciate everything you have done for me with all of my heart. I am grateful that you have sought to provide teachers with the option of a national registry outside of the Alliance. Namaste -Deb Hinojosa

I've been certified for 2 years, but not through this group, who is undoubtedly taking reign. I'm honored and proud to carry it, because they do their research, and not every joe schmoe can become certified any longer. It brings an edge to the competitive market that helps build a stronger yoga-hood foundation. Also, it's good to be accredited. Lex Gillan, one of my Guru's has worked very hard to achieve his status, and I am forever in debt to him, as I was on a bit of a scholarship in his program, and he delegated me many a time in class to be the model of the asana's for our Hatha Yoga student teacher training, of which I am 10 fold grateful. -Brandon Lee Chadbourne-Markel

The Yoga Institute is the excellent place to go for the excellent Yoga Training program , due to we have the excellent teacher as Mr Lex Gillan who teaches us all what he knows with a lot love and his kindness. -Souri Sisavath 

Lex, I was both exhausted and uplifted from attending the Advanced Yoga Studies Course.I learned so much - the chanting and singing raised the atmosphere. And I could do the yoga without feeling inferior. And what great yoga! 

It was both a privilege and an honor to see and hear Ram Dass and bask in his blessing. And what a wonderful collection of Ram Dass archives you have. All of this because of your talent in putting together something truly worthwhile. With a heartfelt "thank you!" - Claudia 

Lex, Just a note of Thank You for the Teacher Certification Course. I am one of the fortunate ones who got to study under you years ago and am extremely grateful. Thank you for all your patience and guidance. You were my first ever experience with yoga in 1977 and The Best. I am forever grateful. -Melba Hill 

Lex, thank you so much for opening my body, mind and soul to this unforgettable experience. This course was so much more than asanas and the business of yoga. I will be forever grateful and honored that I had this opportunity to learn from you. -Peace, Mike

Lex, thank you for all of the knowledge and wisdom you've imparted during this course. I feel like a better and different person than when I walked in the door. It has been an honor and a pleasure. -Marissa

Lex, Rachel Reyes here and I just finished your certification course. I loved it! I got so much more spiritually from it which surprised me. I'm trying to keep up the meditating which did wonders for me. I'm sad it's over - I miss it. You have an amazing program and I'm so blessed that I was able to take it. I will never forget you and your awesome program. Take care and God Bless!

Lex, I am one of the fortunate ones who got to study under you and am extrememly grateful. Thank you for all your patience and guidance. You were my first ever experience with yoga back in 1976 and the best. I am forever grateful. -Melba Hill 

Lex, I just want to thank you one more time and let you know how I enjoyed and appreciate you and your training course. It has been a long full circle form the time I took a yoga class from you when I was 16 years old in 1978 to now. I am so grateful you are still here to allow me to complete that arc. Blessings. -Becky Stevens

Dear Lex, Expressing my deep gratitude for your efforts - ten years ago when I completed my National Teacher Certification Course - and recently with your support as I obtain my YogaALLIANCE recognition. All the best to you. -Britt-Marie McDowell

Lex, your teachings will forever live in my spirit. I went for teacher training but it felt like a spiritual retreat. -Edwin Cruz 

Lex, Thank you very much for the training. You are very knowledgeable and experienced and you share both with generosity and grace. God Bless You. - Debora Birnbaum

Hey Lex, Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the opportunity that you've given me. Your words and knowledge have brightened my future and have eased my rooted cynicism and underlying angst. I'm eternally grateful and I hope you are blessed for a very, very, very long time. -Erin 

Lex, I attended your Teacher Training in August of this year and it was phenomenal. I have been in the fitness industry 15 years and taken many trainings, workshops and intensives. Yours by far overshadowed all of them. I learned so much and am still digesting the information. I have increased my reading and meditation to further my yoga journey.

As a result of your training, I now have the confidence to work on my own. I am working with a chiropractor in town and am marketing to physicians in the area. I have found many doctors refer patients to yoga classes and am offering to teach the doctors and their staff a private yoga class.

Once again, I cannot express the full extent of my gratitude. -Peace, Mary Simpson 

Lex, You are the one steady influence in all this samsaric debate and disposition. We have learned so much from you - more than you might ever know. We go back to you to February 1979 and while we claim no authority to your teaching, it influenced many. So thank you for your steadiness and continuity. I do truly mean that - your teachings have been a source of inspiration throughout all these years. I salute you, my friend, of being the best of the best. Take care and go safely and smiling, my friend. A thank you to you is too small so please accept our gratitude as the culmination of everything we were meant to be. You are truly the best. --Rolfe Maxon 

First I just want to say that Tom and I absolutely LOVED being with ALL of you! Each one of you brought something special to the space and our experience would not have been the same without you! Melissa ~ THANK YOU sooo MUCH for creating and hosting this training!!! As I said before, I have hosted many many events, and I really get what it takes to be a host, participant, and keep a business running all at the same time.....you are AMAZING!  Lex ~ Tom and I are eternally grateful for the extensive wisdom you shared with us throughout this course and for the mastery in your being while doing so. It is an honor to have met you! It is by no accident that we ended up in this particular teacher training....THANK YOU ALL .....wishing all of you the finding of your true purpose in life --Love, Tom and Wendy Washeleski

What a great week! I am truly honor and blessed to have gone through this Yoga Teacher Training certification with all of you. I very much look forward in keeping in touch. Lex, words are hard to come by to express my gratitude for all your teachings, patience and compassion. You are truly a teacher’s teacher. I leave you with this thought from the Tao Te Ching


Returning is the motion of the Tao.

Yielding is the way of the Tao.

The ten thousand things are born of being.

Being is born of not being. -Truly yours,Eddy Krumholz 

Lex! - I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to have taken your Certification Class. I know I told you that I didn’t really want to do anything more than teach at the Lofts where I live, for the residents here. But so many people that took my classes encouraged me to do more. One of my students told a studio owner about me and she ended up coming to take one of my classes. She loved it and asked me to teach at her studio every Tuesday and Thursday night at her 7:00pm class. I’ve been teaching 2 -3 times a week since I took your course in September and I have to say I have really come to love teaching. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and knowledge. I really consider you one of my teachers and and give credit to you when I'm complimented on my teaching. I just wanted you to know if there is ever anything you need, please know I’d love to help. Light and Love! - Wallace 

Hi, Lex! I just wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful class! I am still on a yoga high! This was one of the best things I have ever done for myself in my life :-) Much love and Namaste, - Tanya Dawn 

"Thank you doesn't say it all, but it's a nice alternative to overwhelming you with too much gratitude and appreciation for that 'I'll never forget it' experience." -Barbara Patterson 

"Dear Beautiful Soul, (yes, this is the way it starts) Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You have affected my life more deeply than you can possibly know. Your teachings gave me the knowledge and confidence to teach Sher and myself. And your books led me to the answer I had been seeking for the past 1 1/2 years. Along with that wisdom, the universe gave me a homework assignment, one in which your yoga teacher training plays a crucial role. - With love, warmth and gratitude" - Jennifer Timpe 

"Hi Lex, This is just to let you know that there are some of us who took your training over 10 years ago and are still using all the business advice. I think thanks to your information and suggestions I have been able to keep my studio going for the past 12 years! A little more feedback for you.... I hope you still include the lecture on committment! I use my own version of it in beginning classes around week 3, and I am happy to report that most of the people who come to my small studio come and never leave. Some, for the entire 12 years I've been open!" - Ann Davis

"Lex, My dude, whats up? In a word: Confidence... yes absolutely, I feel like I was born to do this. So glad I took your course... best career decision I have ever made." - Josh Hawley 

"Lex,I wanted to personally thank you for sharing your life and experience with me and the rest of the class this week. As everyone else was, I am on my own path to self awareness and this week, while hectic, long, and exhausting was eye opening to my soul. On the first day, you said in one word what you will get out of this class is "Confidence". I wrote that word down our first day b/c it is something I've been looking for all my life. I know how to make other confident but I chug away at life in a pool of self doubt. And while I do everything and I do it well, I never had the confidence to acknowledge myself for the good I put in the world. I realized that now and I appreciate you shedding the light on that for me. This course was not about me learning to teach yoga. It was empowering me to teach yoga. And I get it. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I will spread the dharma." Phuong Nguyen 

"Lex, thank you for sharing your wisdom, humor and beautiful spirit. I will forever be grateful. May God Bless You." Shamron Johnson 

"Lex, I just wanted to say thank you for all your help. I am so excited to be taking your class. I feel honored to be meeting you soon. Thanks again for helping me make my dream become a reality." Kenya Childress 

"Hi Lex, Thank you for sharing your experience, stories and wisdom during the teacher trainingI especially appreciated hearing your contributions to the yoga community as its changed these last 40 years. I left your training with a much deeper appreciation for meditation and hatha yoga's role in preparing us for the practice. I also have a renewed commitment to my own person practice. Thank you for creating an enriching environment for people to learn and re-learn." Erin McGuire 

"Lex, I wanted to say thank you for the wonderful experience in teacher training. I am so grateful to have been able to the the course with you and with the group of people we worked with. I will remember the experience always." Peace, Norah Vasen El Paso 

"Thank you Lex for all that you have shared with your overwhelming generosity and the tools you have passed along to all of us through yoga. Anyone who just listens to your words will know that your lamp has been lit and that you freely and joyfully put it on its lampstand for others to see the path at their feet. From each encounter with you, I have found myself a step closer to being the fulfilled man and I will always be thankful to you for this. Your difficulties will be in my heart and I will lift them up and pray for your continued joy and peace in the midst of them. I hope that you will enjoy my tiny little token of appreciation with the CD and art and anything you need from me be it with recording or volunteering with anything from your office to classes do not hesitate to give me a call. I look forward to hopefully getting to learn even more from you in the future." namaste, Christian McClain 

"It was a five-star retreat. Only a Lex could have planned it, organized it, and made it happen. You are an example of the power of presence and intention. I really had a wonderful time, and I felt affirmed and encouraged in my own practice and teaching. Truly grateful. May your teaching flourish this summer, and may all your Dharma activities be successful." - Ed Gabrielsen 

"Dear Lex, I wanted to write you and let you know that since my training with you I have done absolutely nothing with it. Being in College Station, I have felt a bit out of my element. Not to be concerned though, we are moving back to Houston and I am anxiously awaiting this new experience. Simply because I am looking forward to sharing with others my knowledge of yoga and meditation. I don't know what I'm going to do - I am still looking for that guidance and opportunity, but I am finally progressing on my journey. I just wanted to thank you for the experience and to let you know that your knowledge has allowed me to become aware, awake, and alive." Much appreciation, Allison Medford-Plesko 

"Hi Lex, I truly enjoyed the Yoga Teachers Certification Course I took with you this past February. I returned to yoga with a whole new perspective and dove head first into the world of instructing. I have been having a blast exploring, learning, teaching, and creating with my newly acquired yoga knowledge. I already have a few classes of my own and I am getting ready to take over Heather Applesgate's many students while she is on maternity leave for six weeks. You opened up a new world to me that I only partially knew existed. Thanks." Namaste, Jenna Marasco 

"Dear Lex, Thank you for all your help. I have learned so much this week. I am inspired, very grateful, and very very happy (& empowered!). God Bless You." - Myra Morrison 

"Dear Lex, So much has happened to me since I spoke with you last. Most all of it unpleasant. Sometimes I forget what it all is about and then I remember The Yoga Institute and the positive example you gave me with your entire being. I understood what Zen Mind Beginners Mind was all about when you spoke to us at the free beginners workshop. Any time I ever called, you gave me heartfelt advice that always came from a positive source greater than us all. You are always in my thoughts when times get tough and I just wanted to let you know that. Your friend in the Dharma." - Mark Roberts 

"Good morning all!! What a wonderful experience I had with you all! Each of you brought something special into our experience and I miss sharing my days with you all. Lex, your class was amazing. You have truly changed my life, thank you!" - Terry Parsons 

"Hi Lex! You probably have no idea who I am! In 1988 my husband and I were living in Houston and used to attend your excellent yoga classes. For some reason I just remembered your name, and true enough, there you were, still teaching yoga. I still have your printed notes from each class and I have adapted them to my current situation. I've had MS for 14 years and am in a wheelchair now unfortunately but that doesn't stop me doing all the sitting/lying poses every morning. It realy helps. Namaste!" - Janet Orchard 

"Dear Lex, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for organizing such a wonderful course. It is one of the greatest U.S. experiences that I cherish. I wanted to hug you but I break down in tears." - Simona Rossi, Lucerne, Switzerland 

"Hi Lex, Thank you very much for the extraordinary course. We enjoyed it so much. We are back safe and happy in Mexico. Thanks for your blessings." - Itzel Hoeflich 

"Hi Lex, The course was so wonderful - Carl, Susan, and myself are going to carry the sutras even deeper and start a study group. We've implemented some of the things into our classes. It was such an informative experience! Thank you to Stan, Johanna, Ed, & Dr. Richard!!!" - Chelsea Boudreaux 

"Lex, I want to thank you for putting me on the path over 30 years ago. My meditation teacher, Lee Lyon, has just reinforced what I learned from you all those years ago. I think of you often." - Blessings, Brad Kraus, Santa Fe 

"Lex, I have had great success in teaching yoga since your certification class two or three years ago. Thank you for your efforts and your wisdom. I continue to promote yoga as community as you taught us and it has helped me befriend some pretty competitive types along the way." - Cynthia Leathers 

"Dear Lex, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the advanced teacher training in Taos. It was my first workshop with you since my original training in 2001. Everything was beautiful... the location (and weather), the people, and of course, the material you presented with Ed Gabrielson and Dr. Richard Seager. I have made several new and dear friends and we were all tearful as we left the lodge. Thank you for your dedication to the continuing studies of Yoga, I hope I can attend more of these wonderful and special retreats in the future." - Peace, Gevevieve Lessard 

"I had an amazing time in Taos! I still can't get it out of my mind. It will be imprinted in my heart forever." - Danielle Craft 

"Swami Lex, Thank you for being. We appreciate your wisdom and compassion. Thank you for guiding our journey. Thanks for sharing your wonderful friends, especially Ed, Richard, Judy, Charles, Pam and everyone at the Hanuman Temple and Lama Foundation. You showed us hidden treasures in our "backyard" and reminded us of gifts we can practice and share in our own living room. With this retreat you have planted a seed that we will continue to air, water, and brighten." - Namaste, Spanda Bhavani\Don Johnson 

"Thanks for inspiring me to become a better teacher and give back to myself. I learned some things that I may have been teaching incorrectly and I was reaffirmed to teach from myself." - Cristina Bacica 

"Thank you for the wonderful course. I had a great time and learned a great deal - very practical things that will enhance both my personal practice and teaching. The materials that you provided are instructive, to the point and easy to follow." - Chris Lane 

"Lex, I'm teaching almost every day and loving every minute of it. The lessons I learned from you in Teacher Training are priceless. Thank you for encouraging me and teaching me." - Ronda Smith Elsenbrook 

"Lex, Thank you so much for allowing me this opportunity to learn to teach yoga and ultimately grow as a person. I hope in turn to give the gift of being a helpful teacher to others. Thank you!" - Meredith Meyer, Baton Rouge, LA 

"Hi Lex, I cannot tell you how much your training has helped me along this path of mine towards the manifestation of my studio. I look forward to showing it to you one day and even more, I look forward to developing programs that will benefit our entire community." - Maggie Grueskin, Houston 

"Thank you so much for being such a wonderful person and teacher. After coming to you for the course many things have become more aware to me." - Ashly Heddy, Texas 

"After taking your training four years ago in New Mexico and working with various international teachers, I continually reflect on how valuable that training was and still is to this day. Thank you." - DeAnn Barry, New Mexico 

"Dear Lex, Thanks so much for offering 'The Basic Techniques of Meditation' course and for lecturing in 'The Art and Science of Meditation' course this fall. Both offerings made important contributions to our course roster this fall, and we appreciate your taking the time and energy to present and share your expertise in both courses." Comments from Course Survey: "Lex was humorous and informative." "Wonderful and insightful introduction to yoga" "Lex was a superb speaker. He is exceptionally knowledgeable and knew how to pull all the broad topics together." "Easily the best speaker of this course." "Is it ok that we didn't laugh at all your jokes?" "Thanks for the humor." "I liked how he presented yoga in a fun, humorous way. What a wonderful instructor." " He should have been one of the 1st speakers since the topic dealt with the comparison and practice of the basics." - Steve Garfinkel, Rice University, Susanne M. Glasscock School of Continuing Studies 

"Hi Lex, It has been almost a year since my teacher training with you and I wanted to say thank you. I learned so much and feel that my yoga journey is well on its way. If you are ever in College Station, I would love for you to stop in and visit Studio Yoga. Thanks for being a great Yogi." - Heather Applegate , RYT, M.Ed. 

"Thank you again. It was an amazing course! I learned a lot." - Kathleen Helgason, St. Andrews, Manitoba, Canada 

"Dear Lex, dropping a line to say thank you for the fantastic workshops. I was so fortunate to attend!!!! Your smooth heart-filled explanations and all its facets are so skillfully described, with always a room filled with happy laughter or meaningful tears of joy. So thank you for great direction!! I look forward to Rose Mountain. Peace, love, happiness to you Swami!!" With love, Bob Fields, Kentucky 

"Hi Lex, This is Tiffany Davis. I just finished your Teacher's Training course and wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn so much from you. I went to expand my knowledge of yoga and learned so much more. The most important thing I took away from this experience was confidence in myself. This is something I have been trying to achieve for a very long time, and your course helped me do this, thank you. I also met so many great people while there, whom now I can call my friends. You are a great teacher, and I have so much respect for you. Thank you again, and I look forward to seeing you in June on the retreat to New Mexico. Tiffany Davis 

"Dear Lex, Thank you for everything. I learned many things in your class. Before the class, I thought I could only learn postures, philosophy and some studies. But this course also included things about business, and it helps me with what I should do after the course as a yoga teacher. Sometimes during the class I thought that I should drop out or you would say "go back to your country." You, however, were very kind and finally I could complete this course! Amazing! The course ended and I felt sad, but it is only a starting point in my yoga life. I have a great opportunity to do that. Also, I got so many nice friends with whom to share the yoga. Thank you very much. We're all connected to each other; I'll contact you again. I hope your life is happy." Namaste, Shiori Oshima, Japan 

"Hi Lex! Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your training course. As the class progressed, I became quite convinced of your teaching philosophy and approach. It really is only logical to have a program of progressive instruction. My initial skepticism was probably based on unfamiliarity. Never once, in many years of attending yoga classes, had there been thorough asana instruction. Let alone, pranayama nor meditation." With best regards, Richard Davidson 

"Mr. Lex, You're Amazing! Although it took me a while to get there. Well, I did it! Thanks for being so inspiring and a true teacher for me. It was a pleasure and I do hope our paths will cross again, but I say with confidence, it will most likely not be at a "primitive" retreat. ha ha. Many blessings your way." Namaste, Elizabeth Golden, Houston, TX 

"Lex, My teacher, Tracie Brace, has frequently spoken highly of you and I would like to learn more about your perspectives and practices. She is a truly wonderful person and I wanted to give you my deepest, most sincere thanks for the guidance you've shared with her, I couldn't ask for a better teacher." James Boggs 

"Dear Lex, I really appreciate your generous sharing of not only your wealth of knowledge, but your sharing of your own experiences and journey along 'the way'." Wishing you much joy and peace, Linda Doeren, Ft. Worth, TX 

"Dear Lex, I took your training in the fall of 1997. I really enjoyed your class, and I have taken lots and lots of classes but I think yours made the most sense and is the most doable. I came back with an inner strength. Other classes have left me an emotional wreck never wanting to get on a sticky mat again. You are a very powerful and sensitive teacher. I have gotten a great deal from your training." Namaste, Germaine Weiss, Charleston, W VA 

"Dear Lex, Wow what can I say other than a most sincere thank you. Your wise offering is in complete alignment with what I need to create a yoga school where I can share the knowledge of yoga and therefore awaken a new level of consciousness in people. I look forward to more of your teachings. Thank you. Your presence is tremendous. I'm grateful and blessed." Always, Lauren Safranek 

"Dear Lex, I do want to thank you for a mountain retreat/training and lots of good memories, salient points on yoga and some nice stillness. I hope you, Zach and Cathy enjoy a lovely summer." Peace & Love, Brair Broake, Toronto 

"Hi Lex, Thank you again for a wonderful teacher certification course. I still can't believe how much we covered. I was exhausted Thursday night!" Thanks again, Martha Malkowski 

"Lex, I wanted to send you a note of appreciation for helping me become a confident, certified yoga teacher. I began teaching this week. I just thought I would be nervous- but I just kept thinking of what you taught me and I felt completely comfortable and knowledgeable. I absolutely loved your training workshop! I feel like I left with a wealth of knowledge to prepare me to continue to learn and grow as a yoga teacher. Thank you for everything! You truly are an incredible mentor. Thank you!" Sincerely, Sabrina Campbell 

"Lex, Thank you from the bottom of the world to the top of the world - this includes the whole universe - starting in my heart. It's always a delight and you bring joy to so!!! many Earthlings." Namaste, Bob Fields, KY 

"Dear Lex, Thank you so much for my yoga certification. I have been doing yoga almost every day since and will be teaching the beginner course on the Festival of India tour in Poland this year. I intend to use your Intro to Yoga seminar. I hope this meets you peaceful, happy and conquering the cycle of birth and death." With gratitude, Anuradha Shivanand 

"Now that my lease issues are wrapping up in a good way, I am starting to develop the other material. I am stunned about the amount of really super information that we have in our syllabus. There is so much in there, that I can't even really begin to appreciate all of it fully until I get the center up and running. Each step forward, I open my notebook, and the answer is in there. I just want to take a time out, and say thank you about 1000 times for everything that you have contributed to my life through your generosity and work. I hope that I can offer even a fraction of this to my future students" With deep appreciation, Oliver Bell, Paris, France 

Lex, I took your course in 2000 in Connecticut. I found the information in your Teacher Training something that I could draw from in many situations. At the time I wasn't sure how I felt but the ensuing years have shown me that there was enough in that one training to teach me how to start and grow a successful yoga business. After eight years I still find the meditations and information I learned from you to be 'on the mark.' Thank you." Ann Davis 

"Dear Lex, What a phenomenal week! You are truly a fantastic teacher gifted in the Art of Yoga! Your sincere enthusiasm for yoga is quite apparent in your dynamic and expressive teaching ability, (a breath of fresh air you are). Thank you for showing your knowledge, skills and happy humor. I am very grateful to you!!" Sincerely your student, Bob Fields 

"Lex, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to learn from you. I consider it an honor." Sincerely, Shirley Frey 

"I would like to take this opportunity and express my deep appreciation for the many gifts you have given me and the rest of the group during the week of the course. I started the course dead sick (with fever and all) but during the time spent in the room I felt that I am receiving healing energies. As I already mentioned, I have been fascinated by Yoga the minute I started to practice it, but this course discovered and exposed a whole new world for me and I intend to pursue this direction will all my heart. Also, I discovered the magic of meditation for the first time during that week although I have tried it before. I guess that now I am ready... So, thank you for being my teacher at this important phase of my life." Millions of blessings to you, Tova Berger-Shalom 

"I really appreciate the experience at Ghost Ranch with you. It was so perfect for my yoga journey." Moonshadow 

"This has been a most spectacular experience, an experience full of love and inspiration. I am happy and very fortunate to have shared this wonderful energy and blessing. I will cherish this forever." Tova Berger-Shalom 

"What can I say? You were 'outstanding'. I appreciate the spiritual component you brought to our group and I am excited that you are interested in trying to 'bridge' with us even more. I heard from more than ten people that this was the best group they had ever been to!" Mary Jo Rapini 

"I do not know if I have ever told you just how grateful I am for your yoga instruction all those years ago. How could I ever begin to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your guidance. In fact, I can almost quote you ver batum on many occasions from those classes, which now help me to teach others yoga. In my book, I think you can read may things that you've awakened me to - two of which are compassion and a sense of the vastness and potential of the human body and mind. I admired you then, and still do. I'm not sure if you know what a positive effect you have had on my life as well as so many others' lives as well. Over the years, several of my friends took yoga from you per my recommendation, and they, too, have benefited so much from it." Ann Rice 

"Just wanted to thank you for all the help I received during the Yoga Teacher Training course, which was very informative. The closing ceremony was awesome and I loved it." Roop Prasad 

"You really have a gentle and caring heart and you make everyone feel comfortable; it's truly like family. I was nervous about coming to this course because there has been a lot of controversy on the internet about how Christianity and yoga do not mix even though I've always felt they do. You made everyone feel welcome regardless of their faith because yoga is about spirituality. Thank you again. I cannot believe how much I learned." Natalie Skrehot 

"When I was in the Yoga Teacher Certification Course I was not optimistic about getting a yoga job. But now I'm so glad I did it, thanks to Lex." Hali Isaacsen 

"I have learned more in the first four days of your course than in the last two years of my class at home." Shalon Allen 

"I cannot begin to explain how much I enjoyed the course. It truly changed my life. I am so thankful to finally have a teacher." Danielle Craft 

"Lex, thank you for all you did for our Yoga Teacher Training class. I am grateful for all the knowledge you shared along with all of your personal notes. Your generosity and beauty of spirit are a blessing. " Jeanette Snyder 

"Lex, thank you for a great yoga weekend. Your guidance, instruction and handouts are exactly what I need at this time in my life journey. I better understand what it is that I would want to achieve through the practice of yoga. And - through your example I now better understand how to evaluate the quality of a yoga class/instructor." Margaret Ann Wilkerson 

"Lex, you are the gateway to this wonderful life. May you be blessed with many more years of serving others in this way. " Sandy Carter 

"Thanks so much for changing my life. " Joan Maguire, Cleveland, OH 

"Thank you for showing me a path that has changed my life." Brian Heagler, Seattle, WA 

"Lex, Last weeks class was great! I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge and experience with us. It was definitely worth my time and effort!" Lisa Lelek 

"Dear Lex, I want to thank you for your generosity with your time, experience and expertise regarding my business questions." Maureen Murray, Montclair, New Jersey 

"I celebrated my birthday this year by going to Yoga Instructor Training, and it was the most transforming week of my life. Mid-week of the training I felt a profound power flooding into me..." Julie Johnson 

"Dear Lex, Thanks for an amazing week!" Lisa Matocha 

"Dear Lex, Thank you for one of the hardest & most rewarding weeks of my life. You have inspired me!" Om, Julie Johnson 

"Lex, Thank you very much. It was the best week of my life! I will always remember you! You are my #1 teacher." Ana Noriega 

"Dear Lex, This week has been one of the most memorable experiences of my life. I have gone so much farther in my practice in this short time than in the past 4 years. Thank you so much for opening my heart so much more." Linh Nguyen 

"Dear Lex, It was a powerful experience being in your presence. See you in OZ. Namaste." Shobhana Chakrabarti 

"Dear Lex, I am most fortunate for the opportunity to know you and learn from your vast experience of yoga and meditation." Collen Hermann, Houston, Texas 

"Hello Lex, it has been awhile and don't know if you remember me (fall of 1997). I want to say thank you very much for all you have taught me. I finally have my own studio and am working on a video. I just opened my studio and have full classes." Paula Martin, Derby, New York 

"Dear Lex, As the young woman from Hobbs, N.M. said, "Listen to the man. He knows what he's talking about." I am happy to report to you that YogaDenton opened last week, solvent and successful, thanks to your wonderful retreat. I have so much to thank you for that I hardly know where to begin. I think I'll start with the confidence that you gave me. After 20 years of teaching, I would never have had the "nerve" to open a yoga studio without your support. Next, I'll thank you for the yoga teacher friends that I met at your retreat who have also provided warm support, encouragement and advice. And, how can I ever thank you for sharing your knowledge with us of how to start and operate a yoga studio. I thank you for the retreat where I finally learned to Live in the Present Moment. It is so rare to find an individual who combines the practical (financial) and spiritual as you do, Lex, and who can share in such a nonregal, non-threatening, practical and humorous way. You are a great teacher." Pat Colonna, Denton, Texas 

"Dear Lex, Thank you for mentoring me in the meditation group. I appreciate that you allow us to go into our heart of hearts and bring up more depth to our practice. Thank you for not answering questions but simply guiding us." Marlene Harter, Houston, TX 

"Dear Lex, It's taken me a while to write this thank you note because I keep thinking that I will eventually have some tidy way of expressing my gratitude. The biggest thing for me was to come away with having had to sit under your guidance, and going from "When the hell is he going to ring those chimes" to being home here, setting my timer and actually being disappointed when it goes off! It was a great group - especially for the meditations. (I will always remember the dark, the smell of incense and coffee coming down in the morning, and the feeling that you are very committed to what you do. So, thank you for all of it. And once again, gratitude for the things I don't even know I learned." Briar Boake, Ontario, Canada 

"Dear Lex, Here I am with my little success story. In March I opened one small room in my home. Within 24 hours I had my first student. She was driving by my house, saw the sign, and stopped to inquire about classes. The next week she brought a friend. So to make a long story short, I now have 13 classes with a total of about 70 students. So, that is my little story of success and I want to thank you again so much. My life has changed dramatically. I am finally doing what I feel is "meaningful work". I would never have tried this without first attending your program. It gave me all the tools and confidence I needed to put my dream in action." Royane Mosley 

"The week in Austin was wonderful. I appreciate all that went into making it seamless for the students. I also want you to know the additional meditations contained in the handouts are marvelous. I particularly appreciate the conscious eating. I have been asked to do a workshop on eating and have collected several sources, but particularly relish yours because of the Upanishad references and because you told us about its connection to your own relationship with food. Namaste." Susan Kelso, Baton Rouge, LA 

"I have been through many certifications and have two advanced degrees. The yoga teacher training is by far the coolest and most intense program I have ever participated in. I really enjoyed it and I highly recommend it!" Elizabeth Franko, Houston, Texas 

"I just wanted to thank you for creating and offering such an excellent Yoga Teacher Training Course. The special part of it is your teaching style and your personal style, which I have always liked. The absolute invaluable part is all of your business knowledge. There is no way to thank you enough for being so generous with your "secrets". Those of us, and the many others I'm sure, who feel empowered and confident about going out and teaching yoga for a respectable income will always point to you as a prime catalyst in spreading the good effects of the practice of this wonderful discipline. " - Judith Carman, Houston, Texas 

"I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful time Joyce-Ann and I had. It reaffirmed certain ideas we had, challenged us on other issues and definitely inspired us to take that next “Leap of Faith”. We couldn’t have asked for a more ideal setting, or a finer staff. All in all, it was an incredible Texas yoga experience. Thanks again for sharing your insight and knowledge. I know it will serve us well in our coming venture." - Hunter and Joyce-Ann Leaf, Savannah, Georgia 

"Dear Lex, Namaste. Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed and hated my experience at yoga camp. The mix of the two opposites made it that much better." - Steve Kasmiersky, Conroe, Texas 

"We enjoyed your down to earth manner and honesty regarding the process of meditation. Your manner was a great counterpoint to the formal Zen Monks." - Hilde, Chappel Hill, Texas 

"Thank you for sharing the gift of yoga with me. I learned so much during our week. When you teach, you endow your legacy to the world. " - Cathy Stallworth, Nashville, Tennessee 

"You were a great yoga teacher and example in the 70's, proving that heights could be reached." - An ex-student still "resting" in Paschimottanasana 

"You have certainly put together a brilliantly-conceived program." - Linda Leslie, Connecticut 

"I took yoga classes from you in the early 70's. I stopped yoga practice for close to 20 years but recently after turning 50 picked it up again and am again enjoying the healthful and relaxing benefits. I kept your printed lessons all that time and use them still today. I'm grateful for all the good things I have and am receiving from the things I learned in your classes and want you to know they still ripple out." - Sallie Weaver, Texas 

"Not many of us in this incarnation can hope to soar as high or as far as you have in your work. You are a magnificent teacher. You shared the view with thoroughness, patience, conviction & clarity. Your love and compassion are evident in your desire to help us along our paths. My admiration, respect, deepest gratitude & love are yours." - Clare-Lynn Royce, Ph.D., Georgia 

"The training was not what I expected, it was so much more. I know that sounds cheesy, but it's true. I had no idea what I was getting myself into and I am thankful for the place I am now. Thank you." - DeAnn Barry-Aeyduck, New Mexico 

"Your class was an amazing experience for me, I'll never forget it." - Pamela Pfeil 

"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed and appreciated your generosity at the Teachers Training. I feel as though I learned so much more than I ever expected about business and yoga; and am realizing in these weeks following the training how viable it all was." - Allison Street, New York 

"Really enjoyed the course. I think the advice you give about opening a studio is incredible - there is no substitute for experience. You offer it up - the good/bad/ugly, both your success and mistakes with humility and aplomb. It is great advice for anyone considering starting their own small business. Thanks again for being honest. Namaste." - Dannette C. Cook, MD 

"Dear Lex, thank you for your nurturing efforts, candid truth, and genuine encouragement. I feel very special to have the opportunity and time spent with you. Thank you for sharing your struggles and success. The teacher certification course was much more than a piece of paper. I will always treasure the weeks of learning more about life." - Holley Bennett, North Carolina 

"I am speechless! What a course! More than I expected. Thank you for sharing all of the "distilled" info. I really appreciate your gift of knowledge. The meditations were a push in the right direction. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you." - Anna Schulte 

"Wow Lex!!! Thank you for your guiding light and insights! Thank you for sharing your deep inner wisdom. Thank you for your encouragement and for planting the seeds to make us the best!" - Linda H. 

"Thanks for the event. I learned what I didn't expect, one thing is yoga is so much more than just asana. I truly touched my beginning ability to meditate. Thank you. My daily practice has been enhanced." - Moonshadow, New Mexico 

"What a great course! Thank you very much for sharing all your wealth of knowledge. It was a terrific experience for me - one I will never forget." - Fran Alford, Texas 

"I'm grateful for the commitment you've made to share your experience and knowledge about yoga, meditation, & the business of yoga. I am proof that your course is effective. ... I would never have been ready at this point in my life without your encouragement." - Susan Michalovie, Colorado 

"Thank you for the opportunity to attend Teacher Training. I learned so much in such a short period of time. The lessons I carry with me exceed those presented in the written material. This is due to your teaching style, energy and the dynamics of the group. The training has had a profound impact. I look forward to utilizing the knowledge, skills and abilities gleaned from the training. Namaste" - Cheryl Champagne, New York 

"As the young woman from Hobbs, N.M., said, "Listen to the man. He knows what he's talking about." I have so much to thank you for that I hardly know where to begin. I think I'll start with the confidence that you gave me. After 20 years of teaching, I would never have had the "nerve" to open a yoga studio without your support. Next, I'll thank you for the yoga teacher friends that I met at your retreat who have also provided warm support, encouragement and advice. And, how can I ever thank you for sharing your knowledge with us? It is so rare to find an individual who combines the practical (financial!) and spiritual as you do, Lex, and who can share in such a nonregal, non-threatening, practical, humorous way. You are a great teacher/guru." - Pat Colonna, Denton, Texas 

"Just wanted to say that you really know your stuff. I don't think a day goes by that I don't rely on something you taught me in the Teacher Training course." - Cathy Guerra, Texas 

"Thanks for all of the practical advice, you're one of a kind & so is your teacher certification course. I really feel like my tuition was well spent." - Carol Flanning, Texas 

"The training exceeded my expectations. I will highly recommend you to any other yoga students who seriously want to persue the path of Yoga Teacher." - Marcie Loffredo, Connecticut 

"Many thanks for a wonderful and educational experience. As a teacher myself, I know how much a note of appreciation means to those who choose such a vocation. This program far exceeded my expectations!" - Cathy Fichera, New Jersey                                                                                                       

"Just a little note to let you know how much I enjoyed the course and your expertise, how easy you made it sound. I know that it takes a lot of commitment, hard work, and leadership. This is the gift that you gave me. You made me believe that I can do it and for that I thank you." - Alzira