Lex presenting at MD Anderson Cancer Hospital, 2015 (photo credit Bob Levy)
200 Hour Certification
500 Hour Certification
Approved by National Association of Certified Yoga Teachers (NACYT)

Houston - 800.524.6674 - Santa Fe


The Yoga Institute




1974 - Present
The Yoga Institute, Founder and President

Established 1974
Stephen F. Austin State University

Bachelor of Science, January 1969
YOGA EDUCATION (Hatha and Raja Yoga and Meditation) - Primary Teachers
Self Study
School of Yoga
Houston, Texas

Hatha and Raja Yoga
1971 - Present
Monastery of Christ in the Desert
Abiquiu, New Mexico

Benedictine monastery/personal retreats
Early 1970's
Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Tibetan Lama
Rocky Mountain Dharma Center
Fort Collins, Colorado

Houston, TX
Dharma and Vipassana (Insight) Meditation Teacher

Buddhist Philosophy and Meditation Teacher
1973 - 1994 
Ram Dass, Spiritual Icon
New Mexico and Texas

A long connection first as a chela (student), then as a yoga instructor on staff at several retreats and finally as a host and promoter of his lectures and retreats in Houston and Chappel Hill, Texas
1979 - 1982
Stephen Levine, Spiritual Teacher and Author
Houston, Texas and Chappel Hill, Texas

Meditation, death and dying and grief work teacher
1980 - 1996
Andy Gold, Sufi Master and Rabbinic Pastor
New Mexico and Texas

Sufi teacher
Early 1980's
Father Thomas Keating, Trappist Monk
New Mexico

Contemplative prayer teacher
1982, 1983
Lama Foundation, Ecumenical Retreat Center
San Cristobal, New Mexico

Christian, Buddhist, Sufi, and Hindu practices
Summer 1989
St. Benedict's Monastery
Snowmass, Colorado

Trappist monastery/ personal retreat
2002 - 2006
Stan Hafner, Yoga Master
New Mexico, Connecticut, and Texas

Ashtanga Yoga, Vinny Yoga and Vinyasa Krama yoga teacher
 July, 2010
Roshi Joan Halifax
Uppaya Zen Center
 Santa Fe, New Mexico
 Zen Teacher

2003 - 2013
James Ezelle, M.D.
Houston, Texas

My Analyst
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ERYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher), License number 20588

Certified Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance, one of two national registries for yoga teachers and teacher certification courses. 500 hour level (highest possible)

Founding President of NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF CERTIFIED YOGA TEACHERS, one of two national registries for certified yoga teachers and teacher certification courses. Certified as a teacher at the 500 hour level (highest possible); the teacher certification course is also compliant at the 500 hour level.
Owner and teacher:
Yoga Teacher Training and National Certification Course and Advanced Yoga Studies Course licensed through the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF CERTIFIED YOGA TEACHERS at the 500 hour level (highest possible). License Number 4300
On a more esoteric level:
Thrown to the masses by the grace of the guru.
1 April, 1975

Pioneered full-time yoga instruction as a profession in stand-alone studios. Founded The Yoga Institute, one of the oldest independent yoga studios in the country, in 1974. Built business to four studios (Houston, Clear Lake, Sugar Land, Bryan College Station) and minority ownership in the bookshops of ten other studios around the country. Each of the four original studios had a bookstore with 2,000 volumes of classic yogic texts.

Personally taught more than 40,000 yoga classes and 300 two-day weekend meditation workshops to more than 100,000 students out of the original Houston studio. Sold the studio piece of the business in 1997 to concentrate on teaching Yoga Teacher Training & National Certification Course (started in 1993) and The Advanced Yoga Studies Course. These courses are ten day and five day courses respectfully which are taught at retreat centers around the country. More than 200 ten day courses have been taught certifying more than 3,000 yoga teachers. These courses pioneered yoga teacher certification in the United States.

Co-founder of Rose Mountain Retreat Center (not-for-profit established 1986) located outside Las Vegas, New Mexico. Seed money of $50,000 was obtained through a grant from Charles Miller of Houston. The center offers a potpourri of spiritual retreats with world-class teachers June through October each year.

Founder and president of National Association of Certified Yoga Teachers, a national registry for yoga teacher certification courses and certified yoga teachers.

Hosted and promoted myriad lectures, workshops, and retreats (one-night stands to weeklong retreats) including:

Swami Kriyananda (Paramahansa Yogananda lineage)

Stephen Levine (numerous visits)

Ram Dass (numerous visits)

Judith S. (Emmanuel medium)

Lilias Folan (of PBS TV fame)

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross (death and dying)

Dhiravamsa (Dharma Teacher and Vipassana (Insight) Meditation Master)

Andy Gold (many visits)

David Swenson (Ashtanga yoga teacher)
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Eloise Gold (Tai Chi teacher - many visits)

Residents of Lama Foundation (A medicine chest of spiritual practices taught in a three day course at Rothko Chapel)

Deepak Chopra


1980's        Lama Foundation
                    San Cristobal, New Mexico
                    Board of Trustees, 1 year appointment
1986 -   Rose Mountain Retreat Center
present                    Las Vegas, New Mexico
                        Co-founder, Board of Trustees                                 

2005-     Institute for Spirituality and Health at the Texas Medical Center
present             Faculty  
2008-        Brazos Bookstore
present                Houston, Texas

                Partner and Board of Directors
2012 -
2013        The Institute for Spirituality and Health at the Texas Medical Center
                Houston, Texas

                Executive Committee
2013-         Margaret Austin Retreat Center,
present                Chappell Hill, TX

                Board of Directors

2013-         Hope and Healing Center and Hope and Healing Institute
present                Houston, TX

                Advisory Director

2013         YogaALLIANCE Standards Committee
                YogaALLIANCE Compliance Committee

2013         National Association of Certified Yoga Teachers

                Founder and President

Late 1990's
Presented two lectures on The Business of Yoga at a three day conference in Austin, Texas.

Gillan, Lex. "Oasis 80 A CALENDAR FOR THE NEW YEAR."
Bayland Publishing, 1979.

Gillan, Lex. "Conscious Eating." Tele-Scope Magazine.
Volume 3 Number 1 (April, 1976).
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New Mexico History Museum, Santa Fe, New Mexico. July 2017 - February 2018. "Voices of the Counterculture of the Southwest." Display of the original edition of Ram Dass' book, BE HERE NOW. Donated by Lex.


M.D. Anderson Cancer Hospital, Houston.
         Weekly meditation for faculty and staff (2006-2008).
Houston Independent School District. (Rose Haggerty, Manager, Health and Physical Education, contact).
         Three one-hour classes in hatha yoga for HISD teachers for winter in-service program (January, 2006).
 Methodist Hospital Oncology Unit. (Bross, Ann, contact).
         One hour instruction and practice in five different meditation techniques on how to deal with stress, pain and uncertainty while undergoing cancer treatment. For patients, staff and faculty (March, 2006).
Memorial-Hermann Hospital System, Katy. (Lempertz, Isabelle, contact).
         A five hour mediation workshop entitled Taking The One Seat. Introduced, educated and practiced ten meditation techniques drawn from many of the world's wisdom traditions. For hospital staff only (April, 2006).
Memorial-Hermann Hospital System, Katy. (Lempertz, Isabelle, contact). 
         Four 25-minute meditations practiced over a four week period (each meditation is different) done in the hospital chapel. For staff and faculty. (2006)
Menninger Clinic, Houston.
         One hour instruction in four meditation practices for faculty for their personal use and also to pass the practices on to their patients at this psychiatric hospital (October 2006).
The Institute for Spirituality and Health, Houston.
         Ongoing Faculty responsibilities which include annual Art of Yoga workshops, the annual Nurses Retreat for the Texas Medical Center staff and ongoing workshops for Baylor and University of Texas third year medical students. For upcoming classes at The Institute for Spirituality and Health click here.
Rice University, Fall 2008.
         Two six week courses: The Art and Science of Meditation and Basic Techniques of Beginner Meditation

2014 Presenter at the 23rd Annual Psychotherapy and Faith Conference sponsored by Institute for Spirituality and Health/Baylor College of Medicine/Menninger Clinic, Houston

January 2015 Presenter at:

"Art, Medicine and Contemplation Conference"
West Chester University (PA), held in Houston.

"Collective Soul Conference"
Palliative Care
MD Anderson Cancer Hospital

February/March 2015

Baylor College of Medicine Six Week Yoga Class for Mental Wellness
Specifically for the Psychiatrists of BCM and Menninger Clinic

February, 2015

Baylor College of Medicine

Meditation 101: Cultivating a Listening Heart
A Workshop on How to Navigate our Interior Landscape

Specifically for Psychiatrists and Psychoanalysts

March 2015

In collaboration with Baylor College of Medicine/Menninger Clinic/Texas Children's Hospital, a three month Yoga and Meditation Study with bipolar adolescents and their caregivers.

March 2015

Recorded meditations for the Meditation Station, a portable pop-up meditation hall that will be placed in different venues, i.e. hospitals, farmers markets, corporations. This project is in collaboration with Dawn Mountain Tibetan Temple and is featured in the Fall 2014 edition of TRICYCLE magazine.

 October 2015

"The Use of Yoga as an Adjunctive Treatment for Psychiatric Illness in Children and Adolescents" (in collaboration with Baylor College of Medicine/Texas Children's Hospital/Institute for Spirituality and Health at the Texas Medical Center) presented at the 62nd Annual American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Conference in San Antonio.

January 2016

YogaMass, in collaboration with Grace Episcopal Church, Houston.

Yoga/meditation/liturgy/communion taken on yoga mats in an effort to appeal to today's younger yogis in an effort to bring them back into a church service.

Presenter at: Collective Soul Conference
Palliative Care, MD Anderson Cancer Hospital
Houston, TX

March, 2016 and 2017

Annual Medicine and Religion Conference presented by Harvard University/University of Chicago/Institute for Spirituality and Health in the Texas Medical Center, hosted by ISH in Houston.

"The Use of Yoga as an Adjunctive Treatment for Psychiatric Illness in Children and Adolescents".

October 2016
"Living in Your Spiritual Heart - How to Be Here Now," An Advanced Yoga Studies Course with Ram Dass.

November 2016
"A History of Religion in 51/2 Objects" with Professor Brent Plate from Hamilton College

Fall 2017 and Spring 2018
"Yoga and Meditation." Required curriculum for incoming freshmen at the Michael E. DeBakey High School for Health Professions (18th nationally ranked high school as per U.S. News & World Report). In collaboration with Baylor College of Medicine.
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An avid reader and book collector having amassed a very deep collection of yoga, philosophy and spiritual books. Number of books in home library - 5,000.
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